Film business: challenges, features, opportunities

It is time for Ukraine to become a player on the international movie scene, but major challenges lie ahead, according to participants at a high-profile industry conference here.

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Dear participants, guests and partners of "Film Business"!
Starting from now the current website is going to work as an archive of "Film Business" conferences 2008-2013. All the information (program, list of speakers and special guests, participation fees, venue etc.) about "Film Business - 2014" and all its following editions you will find on the conference's official page on KIEV MEDIA WEEK website.
See you at the Seventh International Conference "Film Business: challenges, features, opportunities", that will be held in Kiev on September 17, 2014 in course of KIEV MEDIA WEEK 2014!


International Сonference "Film Business: challenges, features, opportunities" has been held annually in Kiev since 2008, and is being organized by Ukrainian media consulting company "Media Resources Management".

To ensure its relevance to the current business realities, the format of the conference is rather new for Ukrainian market but approved in Europe long ago - one-day event based on panel discussions, real-life "case studies" and speeches of outstanding film industry professionals.

"It is very important for the film industry professionals (producers, film festivals organizers, distributors, exhibitors etc.) to have a certain place for meetings, discussions and making business. Conference "Film Business" is an ideal venue for business and platform for collaboration",  - comments Joël Chapron, Central and Eastern European manager for the promotion of French cinema abroad UNIFRANCE, France.

On September 11 the VI International Conference and Workshop "Film Business: challenges, features, opportunities” was held in the course of KIEV MEDIA WEKK 2013. The Conference was held in new format.  As a result of format change, the conference was more interactive, educational and effective; it became a platform for communication of the market players, for solving problems and sharing experience. The program of the conference included workshops, where experts and participants communicated and shared their experience. Several workshops were running in different sections of the conference area: Film Financing Workshop, Producers' Workshop, Legal Workshop, Visual effects and computer graphics Workshop and Film Promotion Workshop. The Conference gathered about 200 professionals of Film industry and representatives of MSM.

The new format allowed participants to communicate directly with the most experienced film industry experts from around the world.

The Fifth International Сonference "Film Business: challenges, features, opportunities" was held on September 12, 2012 in course of KIEV MEDIA WEEK 2012, and has gathered representatives of more than 65 companies from Ukraine, Russia, CIS and European countries, USA (generally over 160 film industry professionals). The dominant feature in this year's conference was coproduction with all its aspects. The program included two panel discussions: "Co-production as a profitable venture - reality or fiction?" and "State film support: reality or fiction?", as well as special session "Distribution, marketing, profit maximization of the full-length movies". The conference's content has excited a huge interest among the participants, considering that before in Ukraine film coproduction issues have never been studied so deeply on a professional level. The distinctive feature of "Film Business - 2012" was its general concept conversion - from extensive discussions to practice: the experts shared their experience based on real-life projects. It stands to mention that these changes trace their roots to the Forth International Сonference "Film Business in Ukraine: challenges, features, opportunities" (September 16, 2011, as a part of KIEV MEDIA WEEK 2011), in course of which organizers gave the audience unique opportunity to get practical advices how to cause funds and investments for film projects. Russian and Ukrainian lawers, having huge practical experience in film industry investing, told about investment schemes that do work. Also the current and future trends of film industry state support in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus were discussed during "Film Business in Ukraine - 2011".


The Third Conference in April 2010 gathered more than 110 delegates from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, etc. The event was as usually covered by numerous  mass media including market leaders "Expert", "Business", "Kommersant", "Ekonomicheskie Izvestia" and nation-wide TV channels "Inter", "1+1" (market leaders) and "First Business Channel".

The Second Conference in June 2009 got the attention of even more film industry professionals from around the world. The Conference took place in President Hotel and was covered by 6 TV channels, among them nationwide Inter TV Channel and "ICTV" (news reports in prime time) as well as  "Enter film", "First Business Channel" etc., and more than 40 well known Ukrainian and Russian specialized publications.

The First Conference, which took place in April 2008 in Hotel Radisson SAS, gathered around 150 delegates from Ukraine, CIS states, France, Germany, UK, Sweden, Poland and Romania and received wide media coverage. 22 print publications and 4 TV channels (ranging from the behemoth of Ukrainian broadcast - Inter TV Channel to one of the most famous international media publications - The Hollywood Reporter) chose to feature materials on the Conference.

The Sixth International Сonference "Film Business: challenges, features, opportunities" will be held in Kiev on September 11, 2013 in course of KIEV MEDIA WEEK 2013.