Philipp Kreuzer
Head of Film- and TV-Financing, Deputy Managing Director and Producer Bavaria Pictures GmbH, Germany

Philipp Kreuzer is a lawyer and has a master in audiovisual production and management. He practiced entertainment and copyright law in Germany and the USA prior to engaging into feature film production and finance first in the UK, then in Germany as Head of Production and Business Affairs of MFP Munich Film Partners GmbH, a production company backed by one of the major private equity investment funds and producing, amongst others, a slate of feature films with a major US-studio (1999-2001). From 2001 until 2004 he was project administrator at Eurimages, the pan-European film and cinema support fund of the Council of Europe, where he was responsible for a large number of European feature film co-productions co-financed by the fund.

In 2005 he joined Bavaria Film GmbH as Head of Film- and TV financing responsible for the financing of various TV productions including TV-event mini-series. In 2007 he was appointed Deputy Managing Director and Head of Co-production of Bavaria Pictures GmbH, a feature film production company of the Bavaria Film Group. In 2007 he produced Jan Stahlberg's and Marcus Mittermeier's "Short Cut to Hollywood" and financed Heinrich Breloer's feature film "Buddenbrooks". Next to being an expert for public funding institutions, he also lectures on film and copyright law, co+production, structured film finance and business planning.

Oleg Kokhan
General Producer of «SOTA Cinema Group» film company, Ukraine

Born July 2, 1976 in Kiev.
In 2001 graduated from the International Institute of Linguistics and Law specialized in International Economics, Kiev, Ukraine.
Producer of:
"The elder Paisiy", director Aleksandr Stolyarov (under development);
"Angel with a patephone" (pre production stage);
"In Saturday", director Aleksandr Mindadze, Russia-Ukraine-Belarus-Germany (in production);
"FUGA MORTIS", directed by Kirill Mihanovsky, Ukraine-Russia (in production);
"You my joy", directed by Sergey Loznica, Ukraine-Germany-Holland, 2010;
"Shantrapas", directed by Otar Iosseliani, Philippines-France, 2010;
"Melody for a street organ", directed by Kira Muratova, Ukraine, 2009;
"Women without Men", directed by Shirin Neshat, Germany-France-Austria-Ukraine, 2009;
"With a warm heart", directed by Krzysztof Zanussi, Ukraine - Poland, 2008;
"Dummy", directed by Kira Muratova, Ukraine, 2008;
"Birds of paradise", directed by Roman Balayan, Ukraine, 2008;
"Two in one", directed by Kira Muratova, Ukraine, 2007;
TV movies from the cycle "Lola and Marquis":
"Bounty hunter" (4 series), 2005;
"Hands up, I'm Your Aunt" (4 series), 2005.

Mark Lolo
Director General of "Central Partnership Sales House", Russia

Mark Lolo was born in 1968 in the city of Nizhniy Novgorod. In 1992 graduated from faculty of Applied mathematics of EGU.
Mark has been working for "Central Partnership" from the date of its launch in 1996.
Since 2000 - Director of film distribution.
Since 2004 – Director of releasing.
Since 2008 - Director General of "Central Partnership Sales House" film company.

Aleksey Naslednikov
Director General “Kinosystema” theatrical chain, Ukraine

Born 1974 in Simferopol. Graduated from Ukrainian National Chemistry and Technology University. Practiced as scientists and read lectures on the subject. Aleksey has been involved in film business since 1999.
Since 2002 – repertory manager for “Kinosystema” theatrical chain.
In 2005 he was appointed for to the position of Director General for “Kinosystema” theatrical chain.
In present “Kinosystema” consists of 11 movie theaters with total number of screens 23. The company is actively developing other entertainment activities - skating rinks, bowling, billiard clubs etc. Among nearest plans is to open 16 new cinema complexes with 75 screens by 2012.

Oleg Malyshevskyy
CEO Yalta-Film, Ukraine

Oleg Malyshevskyy is CEO for Yalta-Film - one of the largest film production outfits in Ukraine.

Today the major activity of Film Company is to manage slate of films - starting from pro-duction and up to distribution ('Sapho" (2008), animation "Adventures of brave soldier Shvejk" (2008), romantic comedy "Saint Valentine's Day" (2009)).

The company is dealing with production of feature and animation films, film services, casting services and distribution.

Before entering film business Mr. Malyshevskyy had experience (more than 10 years) in TOP managing companies on B2B, B2C, FMCG markets.

Today Oleg is responsible for strategic development of Film Company.

Andrey Dyachenko
General Director "Gemini" Film Distribution Company, Ukraine

Andrey Dyachenko has been engaged in cinematography business for over 20 years.

Since 1987 Andrey Dyachenko has been working in various state bodies in the field of cinematography, such as the State Cinematography Committee of USSR and the Ministry of Culture.

Since 1992 Andrey Dyachenko is working in various private companies, dealing in the atrical distribution.

Since 2001 he is the General Director of "Gemini" Film Distribution Company, Ukraine.

Alexandr Tkachenko
Director General “1+1” TV channel , Ukraine

Born in Kyiv in 1966.
1983 - 1990 - studied at National Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev, majoring in journalism.
1988 - started working as a journalist and presenter in "Gart" Youth Studio. For four years in the early nineties served as the Kyiv correspondent of Reuters news agency. Collaborated with the international publications "The Economist", "Financial Times"; worked for "Itogi" ("Summing Up") news commentary programme (ORT, then NTV).
1994 - created his own TV programme production studio "Nova Mova". Anchored the weekly analytical programme "Pislyamova" ("Afterword"), aired on "UT-1" and "1+1" TV channels.
1999 - created "The Faces of the World" project - a series of TV portraits of the outstanding contemporaries for "Inter" TV channel ("Prometey-prestige" Award 1999).
April 1999 - December 2007 - Chairman of the Board of the "New Channel" TV station.
2005 - became Chairman of the Board of "Odessa Film Studio" and the joint owner of "Liniya Kino" chain of movie theatres and distribution companies.
January 2000 - May 2001 - consulted Prime-Minister Victor Yushchenko on public matters. Produced several films and series ("Tomorrow Will Be Tomorrow", "The Milkmaid from Khatsapetovka", "At the River" etc.).
Since August 2008 is a Director General of the TV Channel "1+1".

Iryna Kostyuk
Director of media-consulting company «Media Resources Management», Ukraine

In 2001 Iryna got her BA degree diploma of an international standard (Vienna International University) on "Business Administration". From 2000 to 2006 she was employed by "Inter" TV channel (the major national TV channel) at the foreign content acquisitions department (for "Inter" TV channel as well as for the entire group of the "Inter" TV channels). She gained enormous experience of conducting international deals and carrying out of multiparty negotiations including the ones with the leading European media companies and Hollywood studios. Her main specialization is acquisitions of any kinds of content rights, working out of the broadcasting schedules, analysis of the audience, working out and carrying out of programming concepts, etc. In 2006 together with her partners she founded and headed the first Ukrainian media consulting company "Media Resources Management" that now has partners and clients all over the world, as well as with the key players of the Ukrainian and international markets. Iryna is an author of many articles and reviews of the Ukrainian market of television as well as the foreign markets.

Iryna takes regular active part in professional events both as an organizer (please check the events arranged by MRM), and as a speaker. Since the founding of the company Iryna has already made speeches at such events as the Second International Forum «Digital Broadcasting in Ukraine» (2008), conference «Ukrainian Product on the National Air: its State, Problems and Perspectives» (2007), international media conference EUROPEAN TELEVISION DIALOGUE (Budapest, Hungary, 2006) etc. Iryna was a moderator at the specialized press-conference (during the content market MIPCOM 2008) arranged by MRM to present the Ukrainian media market to the international community. Besides, Iryna is often invited to the jury board of the various national and international contests and award ceremonies in the sphere of media. In particular, Iryna was a jury member at such contests as the «TV Triumph 2009», «Favorite of the Media Press 2009» (as a publisher of a weekly informational and analytical edition Media Business Reports. She was evaluating TV programs within one of the tours of the International Television Festival BANFF (2009) and the semi-final of the international «Emmy Awards» in categories of «Comedies» and «Non scripted Entertainment Programs» (2008).

Together with her colleagues Iryna Kostyuk actively visits different professional events all over the world, including the MIPCOM and MIPTV markets (Cannes, France), DISCOP (Budapest), the Berlin Film Festival, the EFM European Film Market, LA Screenings (LA, USA), conferences like the European Film Finance (2007, 2008, 2009) and Digital TV Outlook (2007, 2008) (Munich, Germany), the Media Festival 2008 (Manchester, Great Britain), exhibition and conference on media technologies IBC (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), «The World of Mobile Content MoCo 2007» (Moscow), the «TeleShow» (Moscow), NATPE (Las Vegas, the USA) «Cinema-Yalta» and many others.

Michael Schlicht
CEO at Monumental Pictures, Russia

Michael Schlicht was born May 30, 1955 in the German city Ratinov. Graduated from Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Oriental Department of International Relations Faculty (1982).

He worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture of GDR and led the Centre of International Cultural Exchange of GDR.

Since 1991 Michael Schlicht has been working in Russia.

1991 - 1994 - Independent Consultant to German companies in different industries, including film production and distribution.

1993 - 2006 - Director General and Managing Shareholder of "Gemini Film International".
Exclusive distributor of feature films of XX Century Fox CIS and numerous independent films from USA and Russia.

2006 - 2008 - Director General Twentieth Century Fox CIS

Since 2008 -  Director General Sony Pictures Entertainment Russia. 

Since 2011 - CEO at Monumental Pictures.

Monumental Pictures has been created jointly by Sony Pictures Entertainment and Patton Media Group and is producing Russian language feature films mainly for theatrical distribution in Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Michael Schlicht has produced the following films: 'Waiting for a Miracle', 'Lineman', 'Samyy Luchshiy Film-2', 'First Love: It's the Music!', 'Close Enemy', 'Samyy Luchshiy Film 3-DE', 'Vysotskiy. Spasibo, Chto Zhivoy'.

Member of Producers Guild of Russia.

Oksana Kondrashova
Director «Cinema Analytics», Ukraine

Oksana Kondrashova has graduated from Zaporizzhya State University with a degree in "English language and foreign literature", and later from Interregional Academy of Personnel Management with an MA in "International Marketing and Advertising" (with honours).

Oksana has 5 years of experience in the position of Marketing Director in a number of prominent companies.

"Cinema Analytics" - an independent analytical company, providing full range of services in the field of theatrical distribution – has been established in 2006. The company now offers detailed reports on Ukrainian theatrical advertising sales (including breakdown by different product groups), theatre ratings, film audits, viewer's ratings, etc. The list of "Cinema Analytics" partners and clients includes theatrical distributors and production companies, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine, advertising agencies, media companies, chains of movie theatres, news agencies and other research and analytical companies. The company has audited the following feature films: "Paragraph 78", "Resident Evil 3", "The Simpsons Movie", "Ocean's Thirteen", "Harry Potter", "The Irony of Fate 2" and others. Oksana also serves on the board of jury of the "5 National Cinema Business Awards".

Volodymyr Voytenko
Cinema critic, author and TV anchor, Ukraine

Born in 1959 in Pischiv, Zhytomyr region.

Having graduated from high school, studied biology at the National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv and later cinematography at the Kyiv Karpenko+Karyj State Institute of Theatrical Arts. While studying, took up scriptwriting for short features.

In 1989, as a junior at the Institute, he took the position of the leading cinema critic at the "Big Screen News" ("Novyny Kinoekrana") journal and later headed the department of the Ukrainian cinematography there.

Since 1988 Volodymyr Voitenko has been involved with Kyiv Film Festival "Molodist"; served as a member of the official selection committee; in 1991 - 1996 handled the public relations of the festival.

1991 - 1994 - read lectures on "The Art of Cinema Critics" and "The History of Cinematography" and lead "The Seminar on Contemporary Films" at his Alma Mater institute.

1992 - 1999 - anchored the cinematography news program on air of "Radio Promin'".

1997 - 1999 - directed the Public Relations office of the National Kinemateka (Film Studio) of Ukraine.

In 1997 Volodymyr Voitenko created and has since been editing the "KINO-KOLO" magazine. Currently he is also editing and directing the activities of the national cinema portal KINOKOLO.UA (, publishing house "KINO-KOLO". Volodymyr Voitenko served as the correspondent of UNIAN and "Inter Media (Kino)" news agencies.

1998 - acted as the editor-in-chief of the "Cinema" ("Kino") magazine.

Since 1999 Volodymyr Voitenko has been anchoring his own weekly programme "Cinema Argument", aired on "1+1" TV channel.

During the past 22 years, Volodymyr Voitenko has written over 500 articles for Ukrainian and international publications, almanacs and festival catalogues.

Vasyl Vovkun
Minister of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine, Ukraine

Born in 1957 in Matsoshyn, Ukraine.

Graduated from Kyiv Karpenko Karyj State Institute of Theatrical Arts with a degree in acting. Acted in the Chernivtsi Olha Kobylyanska Music and Drama Theatre.

1989 - 1994 member of the company of the Kyiv Theatrical Studio "Bud'mo!". Member of the Ukrainian Society of Theatre Workers. Received numerous Ukrainian cultural awards. Directed state festivities, national and international festivals, days of Ukrainian culture and arts in Slovakia, Poland, France and Germany, youth mass celebrations, alternative music concerts, original performances and post modern shows.

Appointed to the position of Minister of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine by the Decree No. 10-VI of the Verkhovna Rada (Supreme Council) of Ukraine as of December 18, 2007.

Anna Chmil
Head of the State Department of Cinematography of Ukraine, Ukraine

Anna Chmil is heading the department, entrusted with the responsibility to assist the development of Ukrainian cinematography.

In 1995 appointed the Deputy Minister of Culture and Arts of Ukraine.

In 2001 appointed Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine.

2006 - appointed Head of the State Department of Cinematography of Ukraine. Anna Chmil is actively advocating the gradual increase in the role, played by producing companies in the movie production cycle and the shift away from the funding purely through government orders. She is promoting creation of the environment, in which both state funding and private investments could co-exist.

Since 2007 Mrs Chmil has been keenly involved in the endorsement of the Ukrainian dubbing standards. She is encouraging increased governmental support of the process of dubbing of TV and feature films.

Sergey Lazaruk
Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography of the Russian Federation, Russia

Born on June 6th, 1962 in Brest. Graduated from Russian Federation State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), majoring in cinematography studies. Served as an intern at the New York School of Arts. Holds a postgraduate degree in Arts; professor of Russian Federation State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK).

1985 - 1987 - programme editor of Brest Committee of TV and Radio Broadcasting.

1993 - 1996 - member of the Board of Management of Russian Federation State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), responsible for science and arts.

June 1999 - July 2000 - Deputy Head of State Committee of Cinematography of the Russian Federation (later dissolved as a part of the structural reform of the federal executive branch).

Since 1996 Sergey Lazaruk has been representing the Russian Federation in pan-European intergovernmental organizations, such as "Audiovisual Eureka" (as the national coordinator) and "European Audiovisual Observatory" (as a member of executive committee) and is appointed the Expert on the Audiovisual and

Cinematography Questions of the Russian Federation to the Council of Europe.

Member of the board of management of the Filmmakers Union of the Russian Federation and the Secretary of the Filmmakers Union of Moscow. Chairman of the Expert Council of the Bulletin of the Russian Filmmakers "Kino Process". Author of the book "The Basic Models of Filmmaking in USA. Genesis of new forms of film studing".

Since August 2000 Sergey Lazaruk is acting as the Head of the Department of State Aid of Cinematography of the Department of Cinematography of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

In 2007 Sergey Lazaruk has been appointed Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography of the Russian Federation.

Maciej Karpinski
Director's Deputy in charge of International Relations of Polish Film Institute,film writer, Poland

Maciej Karpinski (born 1950) is considered one of the leading film writers in Poland. An author of several books, including a book on screenwriting "An imperfect reflection" – an essential reading in his country, plays for theatre and television as well as stage adaptations, and numerous essays, he wrote screenplays for sixteen feature films, produced in Poland and abroad.

As a screenwriter Mr. Karpinski worked with a number of internationally acclaimed directors, among them Agnieszka Holland ("Solitary Woman"), Andrzej Wajda ("Nastassya" - prod. Japan, "The Ring with the Crowned Eagle"), Marta Meszaros ("Daugthers of Luck" - prod. Poland-Germany-Hungary) and Volker Schlondorf ("Strike" - prod. Germany-Poland).

His films won a number of prestigious national and international awards, including Prix Europa for "The Miracle of Purim".

Mr. Karpinski is a Professor of Screenwriting at the prestigious State Film Academy in Lodz, Poland and frequently lectures in the United States.

For many years the Artistic Director of the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, at present he serves as a Director's Deputy in charge of International Relations of Polish Film Institute. He is a member of European Film Academy.

Jonathan Olsberg
Chairman Olsberg SPI Limited, UK

Jonathan Olsberg is chairman of Olsberg|SPI Limited, London, one of the world's leading screen industry strategy consultancies.

Olsberg has worked in the screen industries for 26 years. He started out in New York as an international sales agent, handling titles such as My Beautiful Launderette, before distributing specialised films in the U.S. from directors like Godard, Verhoeven, Greenaway and Paul Cox. In 1989 Jonathan returned to London as Managing Director of international distributor and sales agent Glinwood Films (The Last Emperor). Founded in 1992, SPI supplies specialist advice on policy and business issues in film, television and digital media. It serves public and private sector clients from the European Commission to the UK Film Council; from Telefilm Canada to FFC Australia, and from broadcasters like Channel Four to independent companies from Aberdeen to Auckland.

Olsberg's work at SPI has ranged across all areas of the company's expertise. This has recently involved film library valuations; an assessment of the UK's film and television sales agency sector; advising a television production company in preparing for sale; advising an entrepreneur planning to set up a film investment fund; advising the Australian Film Commission on restructuring its producer support fund, and recommending a slate of policy initiatives to the Hong Kong government aimed at reinvigorating its film sector.

Olsberg is also a producer with his UK company, Dakota Films, whose latest production is Fade to Black, written by John Sayles, directed by Oliver Parker and starring Danny Huston.

Among other production credits are Fateless (2006) by Hungarian director Lajos Koltai; Kenny Glenaan's Yasmin, starring Archie Punjabi (2005); John Duigan's Head in the Clouds (2004), starring Charlize Theron and Penelope Cruz; Sandra Goldbacher's Me Without You (2002) starring Anna Friel, Michelle Williams, Kyle MacLachlan and Trudie Styler, and (in 1999) Othello, directed by Oliver Parker and starring Kenneth Branagh, Laurence Fishburne and Irene Jacob.

Olsberg's first career was in international finance, as a chartered accountant in London and then for 8 years in merchant banking (Hill Samuel) in London and New York. Olsberg's speciality was corporate finance including mergers and acquisitions, Eurobond issues and private placements. This followed a MBA from Columbia University in New York.

Richard Miller
Managing Director Olsberg SPI Limited, UK

Richard Miller has worked in the film business for 18 years as strategy consultant and producer in New York and London. He was previously an investment banker on Wall Street.

At Olsberg|SPI, where he has been Managing Director since 2000, Richard has conducted over a hundred assignments, developing strategies for screen industry activity around the world - including Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. He has also worked in other creative industry sectors including interactive media, animation and music. Particular areas of expertise include competitiveness of international film production locations, fiscal incentives, film & TV studios, the independent TV production sector, the use of digital media developments to drive urban regeneration strategies, moving image archives and European state aid regulation. Clients include UK Film Council, the European Commission, Telefilm Canada, Film Finance Corporation of Australia, and UK broadcasters and independent television production companies.

Previously, Richard was a consultant and independent producer based in New York. He was also Publisher/Director of Business Affairs at Filmmaker magazine, and taught Independent Film Producing at New York University. His producer credits include Songcatcher (1998), written and directed by Maggie Greenwald, starring Janet McTeer and Aidan Quinn, and Heavy (1996), written and directed by James Mangold and starring Liv Tyler, Shelley Winters, Deborah Harry and Pruitt Taylor Vince. Among their numerous honours, both films were selected for official competition at the Sundance Film Festival, where they both won special jury prices. In addition, Heavy was selected for the Directors Fortnight section of the Cannes Film Festival.

Prior to 1990, Richard was Senior Vice President in the Corporate Finance Department of the investment bank Dean Witter Reynolds in New York. His areas of expertise included public offerings, private placements and advisory work for clients in the telecom and oil & gas sectors. Richard possesses an MFA in Film specialising in Producing from Columbia University in New York, an MBA in Finance from McGill University in Montreal and an MA in Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University.

Bernhard R. Stampfer
Vice President Deutsche Bank AG, Germany

A graduate of the University of Constance (M.A. degree in Law, Sociology and Political Science) and of the Munich Film School, Stampfer worked as a production manager before launching his own Munich and Berlin based production company, Salinas Film Ltd., in 1980.

After producing some 30 films and television projects (WAR ZONE with Christopher Walken, THE BACHELOR with Keith Carradine, Miranda Richardson, HELSINKI NAPOLI with Sam Fuller, Eddie Constantine et al.), he joined Zurich and Budapest based Media Park AG/Media Equity AssociatesAG, a joint venture financing operation, in 1987. Stampfer was responsible for corporate and project finance in Eastern Europe.

From 1989 to 1991 he worked in London, representing European producers in packaging and financing their projects. In 1991 he joined Bravo Studios SpA in Milan Italy where he set up a new department for international TV and film production. Stampfer was responsible for development and financial operations. In 1994 he returned to London to join the European Script Fund Ltd. in the newly created position of "Financial Engineer". In summer 1996 the Script Fund became the European Media Development Agency (EMDA) where Bernie was Head of Project and Company Monitoring; he (co+) initiated and implemented the Business Plan/ Company Loan Schemes and the " Slate Funding Scheme " During that time Stampfer was also director of Rough Magic Ltd., a London based production and finance company (for which he executive produced THE BRYLCREEM BOYS with Gabriel Byrne and the uncompleted DIVINE RAPTURE with Marlon Brando and Johnny Depp).

In January 2000 Stampfer moved to Deutsche Bank AG as Vice President and Head of the Expert Team Media, the Bank's internal advisory service in the Corporate and Investment Banking division. Bernie is also part of the Asset Finance and Leasing (AFL) team in Frankfurt/M. Responsibilities include the structuring and negotiation of global financing transactions with independent film production and distribution companies and the major studios. Financings range from individual loan and investment arrangements through overall corporate lines of credit.

Stampfer and his team are also involved in structured finance transactions (M&A, distressed assets, restructuring et al). - At AFL Stampfer's responsibilities include tax based closed end funds and private equity placements with the major studios.

His accomplishments include overseeing the financing of multiple film and television projects, raising significant equity and debt capital to secure investment portfolio and negotiating financing and distribution arrangements.

Since 1988 Stampfer has been actively involved in the MEDIA programme's training EAVE, lectures at the EMAM management course in Rome, the Media Business School/MEGA, STRATEGICS, Erich Pommer Institute EPI and INA/ Sorbonne. He also designed training courses for EUREKA Audiovisual (Brussels) and FOCAL (Lausanne). He regularly lectures at film schools and film institutes in Europe and overseas; he was appointed project analyst for the Swiss Teleproduction Fund and the Zurich Film Foundation. Bernie is member of the European Film Academy, the German Film Academy and was elected Deputy Chairman of the European Media Producer's Association (EMPA).

Jane Wright
Commercial Affairs & General Manager BBC Films, UK

Jane Wright is Commercial Affairs & General Manager for BBC Films. She chairs the newly established BBC Films Board and she is responsible for day to day operations, co-productions and distribution. She works with independent producers to create and execute a finance strategy and securing third party financing and distribution. In addition, she will executive produce a small number projects.

Jane Wright started her film career with International Spectrafilm, a New York based film distribution company. Based in its New York head office, as Director of Marketing and Publicity, she worked on the campaigns of over 50 films including DETECTIVE (Jean-Luc Goddard), CONFIDENTIALLY YOURS (Francois Truffaut), CACTUS (Paul Cox), MY AMERICAN COUSIN (Sandy Wilson) and THE 4TH MAN (Paul Verhoven).

In 1989 she worked freelance as a marketing consultant for a variety of organisations including The Museum of Modern Art and Telefilm Canada. In 1992 she became the Director of New York's annual Independent Feature Film Market, a position she held for two years.

In 1994 she associate produced HEAVY, an American independent film written and directed by James Mangold.

In 1995 she moved to London to work for BBC Films in marketing and film investment. She then transferred back to New York to become Vice President of Co-Productions & Sales for BBC Worldwide Americas, specialising in drama and children's programs.

In January 1998 she joined BBC Films as Head of Business Development. In 2000 Wright was seconded to The Sales Company for almost a year to act as C.E.O. There she was responsible for successful launch of one of the 2001 Cannes Film Festival's top Official Competition films, NO MAN'S LAND, which went on to win the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. She also acquired the highly successful BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM for the company. She returned to BBC Films as Head of Rights & Business Affairs where she now is Commercial Affairs & General Manager.

Besides an M.B.A. in Finance and Media Management and an M.F.A. in Film, both from Columbia University, New York, she holds a B.A.Sc in Family and Consumer Studies from the University of Guelph, Canada.

Kim Magnusson
General Manager Film Production Nordisk Film, Denmark

Kim Magnusson (born 1965), is General Manager Film Production of Nordisk Film. He has held the position since 2003. Among his production credits are "Karlas Game" (2007), "To Love Someone" (2007) directed by Ake Sandgren, "Helmer & Son" (2007) directed by Soren Pilmark, "To Verdener" (2007) directed by Niels Arden Oplev, "Shrooms" (2006) directed by Paddy Breathnach, "Kill Your Darlings" (2005) directed by Bjorne Larson, "Percy, Buffalo Bill and I" (directed by Anders Gustafson.

In 1984 he graduated from College Major in Math. And Social Science in Copenhagen Denmark.

Kim Magnusson started his film career after the army. For some years Magnusson worked in film industry, producing several films. In 1993 he joined "M&M Productions" and worked there till 2004, where he worked at "ADAM'S APPLES" (2004-2004) directed by Anders Thomas Jensen, "THE GREEN BUTCHERS"(2002) directed by Anders Thomas Jensen, "NOI ALBINOI" (2001) directed by Dagyr Kari et al. Kim Magnusson's films won a number of prestigious national and international awards, including Academy Award Nominated for Best Live-Action Short film, Academy Award winner for Best Live-Action Short film, Emmys for Best film, Director - new talent.

Magnusson is Chairman of The Board of European Film Companies Alliance, The Producer Association of Denmark, The Danish Film Academy; Member of The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science (USA), The European Film Academy, Member of The National Academy of Television Arts and Science (USA).