Svetlana Briliantova
Head of PR-directorate of the Federal Foundation for Social and Economic Support of Cinematography, Russia

Works in media industry since 2007.

Since 2010 and until present time is a Head of PR-directorate of the Federal Foundation for Social and Economic Support of Cinematography.

In the period from 2007 to 2010 held positions of Marketing and PR Director in FHUE "United Broadcasting System of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation", of Marketing Communications Deputy Director in the marketing department of "Marevel Food Central", and of the assistant to the art director of the Federal State Institution of Culture "The State Theatre of Nations".


Artem Vakalyuk
Head of Publishing Projects Content Report and Media Business Reports Media Resources Management, Ukraine

In 2006 graduated from the Military Institute of Taras Shevchenko Kiev National University, and got diploma of translator\interpreter of  English and Spanish. After being transferred to the reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine he started a career of business journalist. In 2007-2010 worked as a correspondent and later - media observer, author of the weekly column "Media" in the daily business newspaper "Economic news".

From November 2008 to August 2010 also worked as an analyst in Ukrainian Advertising Coalition. He is a co-owner of the media and advertising portal Author of more than 1,5 thousand of articles, reviews and publications on the media, advertising and communications topics, a professional copywriter.

Joined the team of Media Resources Management in July 2010.  In September 2010 the first issue of the analytical electronic edition Content Report appeared under his leadership.


Sport, Recreation and Entertainment Practice Leader, Aon Rus – Insurance brokers, LLC, Russia

Alexey began his carrier in 2002 by starting local insurance brokerage firms from scratch.   

He became the part of Aon Russia in 2004 by relocating to International department. He serviced the biggest international clients in Russia which are the strategic for Aon Corporation (Coca-Cola, Metro Group, AB InBev, UTC, Ferrero, Jaguar Land Rover, Daimler, Alcoa and others).

Alexey is the pacing broker and client manager for Commercial Real-Estate area and other industries in the meantime and Sport, Recreation and Entertainment (SRE) Practice Leader.

Developing SRE Practice Alexey was able to implement brand new comprehensive product for Russian insurance market for film and TV industry: Film Package Policy - and has recently settled the loss under the Policy for the amount circa 500KK US$. Besides Alexey was able to introduce film`s Errors & Omissions insurance policy which is highly important for international distribution process.    

"My main objective, on the one hand, is to give the audience a clear idea about the subject and its importance, excluding any prejudices, and on the other hand, to provide real tips on how not to make the solution of this problem into a nightmare while implementing the project. Given the fact that from year to year the film and TV production becomes more profitable and attractive for investments, for me, it is important to convey to the audience the idea that a reasonable and careful attention to the risks insurance on the set can provide serious protection for Investment Partners and expected profit. It is important that the conference would give information and provoke questions of the participants, to make them speculating about the losses or gains that may result in one or another course of action chosen. In the end, the greater the number of market participants will know about it and show the practical interest, the more effective and beneficial will be the structure of insurance protection and its placement", - comments Alexey Vladimirskiy.



Sergei Gratchev
Managing Partner, MGAP Attorneys at Law, Russia/Great Britain

Advocate, corporate and media law areas of practice

Education:Russian State Film Institute (VGIK; Course of cinematography), Moscow State Law Academy 

1997-2001 participation  in major Russian and international corporate M&A projects

2001 - current  founder and Managing Partner of MGAP Attorneys at Law  (Moscow and London offices)

Legal support of major film projects  and transactions in media law field, including strategic transactions between major American film studios and Russian directors; legal advice on films Irony of Fate (sequel) (box office takings 70 millions $) , Wanted, The Very Best Movie 1, The Very Best Movie 2, Black Lightning, Yolki, Vykrutasy, ‘9', The Darkest Hour, Apollo 18, Yolki-2, Gentlemen, good luck!  etc.

Director of Business Development, Media-holding 'Media Group Ukraine', Ukraine

Olga Gavrilova was appointed as Director of Business Development of "Media Group Ukraine" in February 2012.

Prior to joining to "Media Group Ukraine" team Olga has been working in Russian and foreign companies for more than 10 years dealing with business development.

From 2009 to 2011 she was a Director of Revenue Management of Russian airline company "Avianova". From 2003 to 2006 she was a Consultant in Moscow office of the international company ""Boston Group". In 2005-2006 Olga has been working in the company "Camfoprio Group" (Madrid, Spain) as Manager of International Business Development.

Olga graduated successfully from the faculty "Economy and management in the enterprises" in Bauman Moscow State Technical University, received a PhD in Economics, State University - Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia).

Olga also has a diploma of international business school INSEAD (Paris, France), the program "Finance for Managers".

Olga Zakondyrina
MGAP senior advocate, Russia/Great Britain

Lawyer: media, insurance, banking, corporate areas of practices.

Education: Law Faculty of Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, LLM

1994-2006   Lawyer in JSC First Russian Bank, LUKoil Insurance Company, Transneft

April, 2006 - June, 2007 Lawyer in Group of Companies Bazelevs

June, 2007- May, 2010 Head of Legal Department  in Group of Companies Bazelevs

2010- current  Lawyer in MGAP Attorneys at Law

Legal advice on film projects Irony of Fate (sequel), Wanted,  Black Lightning, Yolki, Vykrutasy, ‘9’, The Darkest Hour, Apollo 18, Yolki-2, Gentlemen, good luck!  etc.



Line Manager - Sport, Recreation, Entertainment Business Line - Aon Risk Solutions, Hungary

After a short intern period at Hungarian Telekom, Gabor have joined Aon Risk Solution business line in 2006 dealing with risk management and insurance broking.

In 2008  Gabor  was named as the manager of the Sport, Recreation and Entertainment business line. His main field if expertise is film and TV production risk management and insurance advisory.

Given to the fact that Hungary is a targeted location for foreign film producers due to a tax rebate system, he was fortunate to taking part in several European and US feature films.

Recently, Gabor Zandler was entrusted with building up Aon SRE centre of excellence in Budapest provide cross border services to CEE countries in the field of entertainment business.


Oleg Kokhan
General Producer of «SOTA Cinema Group» film company, Ukraine

Born July 2, 1976 in Kiev.
In 2001 graduated from the International Institute of Linguistics and Law specialized in International Economics, Kiev, Ukraine.
Producer of:
"The elder Paisiy", director Aleksandr Stolyarov (under development);
"Angel with a patephone" (pre production stage);
"In Saturday", director Aleksandr Mindadze, Russia-Ukraine-Belarus-Germany (in production);
"FUGA MORTIS", directed by Kirill Mihanovsky, Ukraine-Russia (in production);
"You my joy", directed by Sergey Loznica, Ukraine-Germany-Holland, 2010;
"Shantrapas", directed by Otar Iosseliani, Philippines-France, 2010;
"Melody for a street organ", directed by Kira Muratova, Ukraine, 2009;
"Women without Men", directed by Shirin Neshat, Germany-France-Austria-Ukraine, 2009;
"With a warm heart", directed by Krzysztof Zanussi, Ukraine - Poland, 2008;
"Dummy", directed by Kira Muratova, Ukraine, 2008;
"Birds of paradise", directed by Roman Balayan, Ukraine, 2008;
"Two in one", directed by Kira Muratova, Ukraine, 2007;
TV movies from the cycle "Lola and Marquis":
"Bounty hunter" (4 series), 2005;
"Hands up, I'm Your Aunt" (4 series), 2005.

Vice President of the CTB Film Company, Russia

Advisor to the Chairman and Supervisor on film education development at Film and TV Producers Association.

Doctor of Psychology, Professor. 

Prior to joining the Russian film industry, Anna Krutova finished three Russian universities, including the Faculty of Psychology of  M. Lomonosov Moscow State University.   She studied the principles of  psychogenetic by Professor Teutsch and political strategies at the course of John Baker in USA. Anna Krutova worked with Professor Manegatti for his project on psychosomatics. She did her PhD thesis on modern history and a doctoral thesis on psychology - it was the first work in Russia on the formation of public consciousness.

In 1992 she created the company Image-Holding, which has become the market leader in political strategies and marketing.

In 2006 she passed the company's control to the Board of Directors,   remaining the shareholder of the company, and took office as Vice President of STV Film Company. Since the establishment of the Association of Producers in 2009 - is the Advisor to the Chairman. At present acts as the Supervisors on the development of film education.

Vice president, international production at Universal Pictures int. London, UK

Peter La Terriere has worked for 25 years in the film industry starting as a runner at Working Title Films. He line produced films including My Brother Tom with Ben Whishaw, Paranoid with Jessica Alba and Terrence Malick's The New World with Colin Farrell and Christian Bale. He produced Mutant Chronicles with John Malkovich and Ron Perlman and Fifty Dead Men Walking with Sir Ben Kingsley and Jim Sturgess before joining Universal Pictures' International Production division to look after local language productions and European co-productions in 2008. In 2012 he was promoted to Vice President of International Production and now heads up UPI's production activities with a special focus on new markets including China, Russia and Latin America. 


Film producer, USA

Rick (Richard) McCallum (born 1952 in Heidelberg, Germany) is a film producer most famous for his work on the Star Wars prequel trilogy films andSpecial Editions.

He worked extensively with the British television writer Dennis Potter, producing much of Potter's later work in the late 1980s and early 1990s (BBC-TV series The Singing Detective (1986), four-part Blackeyes (1989) and three times BAFTA awards winner drama Dreamchild).

After meeting George Lucas in 1989, McCallum was hired as producer on Lucas' TV series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, which ran from 1992 to 1993 on ABC. Working with Lucas, Rick has produced 1994's Radioland Murders, the Special Editions (1997) of the original Star Wars trilogy, the compilation films of the Star Wars: Droids and Star Wars: Ewoks animated televsion series, the Star Wars prequel trilogy (1999-2005), animated TV series the Star Wars: Clone Wars, as well as action-adventure Red Tails (2012).


“It is absolutely imperative for independent producers to have the opportunity to meet with potential partners from all over Europe.  KIEV MEDIA WEEK is a must "go to" event that can help all producers bridge the gap between Western, Central and Eastern Europe. I can think of no other place that is more suited to help foster cooperation and exploit business opportunities than in the Ukraine - Europe as a whole can compete with America in its television and film productions if there is the will to understand what audiences want to see”,  - comments Rick McCallum.


Executive producer, Russia

Since 2000, the film industry, over 20 projects, among them:

"The unfortunate misfortune» (Gore-Zloshchastye), feature film, directed by T. Spivak; 1st AD, 2nd unit director;

"Bless the Woman" (Blagoslovite Zhenshchinu) feature film, directed by S. Govorukhin; script-girl, 2nd unit director;

"Gromovs" (Gromovy) TV movie, directed by A. Baranov; script-supervisor, post-production manager;

"Father"  (Otetz)feature filmf, director I. Solovyov, casting director, script-supervisor in production period;

"40" feature film, director A. Galibin, casting director;

"Happiness" (Shchastye) TV movie, director T. Detkina, executive producer of the post-production;

"Gromovs. House of Hope " (Gromovy. Dom Nadezhdy) tv movie, directed by A. Baranov, executive producer, 2007;

"Winner" (Pobeditel) TV movie, director A. Arlauskas, executive producer, 2008;

"Black Lightning" (Chernaya Molniya) feture film, director A.Voytinsky, D. Kiselev, executive producer, 2009;

"Brother and Sister" (Brat i Sestra) TV series, director A.Baranov, executive producer, 2010;

"Firs" (Yolki) feature film, directors T. Bekmambetov, D. Kiselev, A. Andryuschenko (novels   "Competitors", " Skier  and snowboarder", " Thief Lyokha "), executive producer, 2010;

"Laugh and sin" (Smekh I Grekh) TV movie,  A.Baranov director, executive producer , 2011 (in production);

"Everything will be fine" (Vsyo budet khorosho), script writer. Production is scheduled to fall 2012.


Andrey Radko
General Producer, Production Center GORAD, Russia

Born in 1971.

Graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical University.

From September 1998 till January 2001 - Coordinator of cinema distribution at "Intercinema-Art" agency and "Karmen" film company.

From January 2001 - Coordinator of cinema distribution at "Central Partnership"

February 2007 - appointed Director of Distribution of "Central Partnership"

October 2008 - appointed Deputy General Director, Distribution, "Central Partnership"

I his career in distribution Andrey Radko developed release strategy and supervised the release of the following Russian and foreign movies (selected):

Sky in Diamonds (Russia), 1999

Brother - 2 (Russia), 2000

Amelie (France), 2001

Antikiller (Russia), 2002

Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatre (France), 2002

Antikiller - 2 (Russia), 2003

Van Helsing (USA), 2004

Der Untergang (Germany), 2004

Fighting shadow (Russia), 2005

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (USA), 2005

Zhest (Russia), 2006

Wolf dog (Russia), 2006

Piranha (Russia), 2006

Paragraph 78-1 (Russia), 2007

Taxi - 4 (France), 2007

Paragraph 78-2 (Russia), 2007

Fighting shadow - 2 (Russia), 2007

Radio Day (Russia), 2008

Astérix aux Jeux Olympiques (France), 2008

Streetracers (Russia), 2008

Stilyagi (Hipsters) (Russia), 2008

Taras Bulba (Russia), 2009

Bride at all cost (Russia), 2009

In 2002 received professional award "Blockbuster of the year" for the best translation adaptation (movie Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatre).

In 2009 left "Central Partnership"

From March 2009 - General Producer of the "Producer Center GORAD"

2009-2010 - Co-Producer, «We Are From the Future - 2"

2011 - Producer, "8 First Dates"

2011 - Producer, "How Rusichi became the Olympians"


Denis Rzhavskiy
Head of Motion Picture Association of Ukraine, Ukraine

In January 2012 Denis Rzhavsky became a Head of the Motion Picture Association of Ukraine - the first institution in the history of Ukrainian cinematography that unites the largest national film market players towards developing of general principles and filmmakers interests protection in dialogue with the government.

Since 2003 Denis Rzhavsky develops national film industry. As Executive Director of ‘ADIOZPRODUCTION Studio' he was one of the first to start dubbing films into Ukrainian for theatrical releases.

At the moment Denis is involved in development of the "Concept of the State program of the national film industry development", the draft law "About Cinematography", creating a new model of Ukrainian feature films competitive selection in course of the national films creation and distribution program of the Ukrainian State Film Agency etc.

Education: Kiev National University of Culture and Arts, Director of Film and Television faculty.  Denis Rzhavsky takes an active part in the world's largest film festivals, studying and analyzing the trends and traditions of the modern film industry.


Special Adviser, Ingenious Media; Owner / Managing Director, West Bridge Consulting , UK

Martin advises investment fundation Ingenious Media on government relations, regulation and public affairs.  He speaks for Ingenious in a variety of public forums including the UK Creative Industries' Council. Ingenious Media was involved in production of such feature films as: Avatar, 127 Hours, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Die Hard 4.0 and many others.

Through his own company, West Bridge Consulting, an advisory consultancy which specialises in creative economy issues, he works with other clients, currently including Animation UK and MeWe360, a start-up social enterprise working with untapped creative talent.

Martin was chairman of the Young Vic Theatre Company from 1998-2003, and chair of the panel of experts on "The Global Cinema Industry" at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2009.  He has advised many government agencies and private sector clients - in the Russian Federation, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Ukraine, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, France, Italy, Germany and the USA as well as in the UK, and frequently lectures on creative economy topics.

Martin is the author of Arts Funding in a Cooler Climate, published by Arts & Business in 2010.  He has a PhD in history from Cambridge University.


“I hear that there are a lot of smart people in the Ukrainian film industry.  I look forward to discovering what’s happening in the national marketplace for film production and distribution, and to sharing my thoughts on the future of the industry, and especially for film financing in a global market which, though full of opportunity, will also be increasingly challenging for producers as sources of “soft” money become more difficult to access in many European markets. 
The continuing impact of digitalisation will create winners and losers in all markets.  The development of film and other forms of creative content as an alternative asset class is one of the most interesting developments from an investor perspective, though one which is in its infancy.  I’ll be happy to share my thinking on this and other pressing issues”, - comments Dr MARTIN SMITH.

Igor Savychenko
Motion Picture Association of Ukraine, Ukraine

Igor Savychenko works in film industry since 1997. Along with feature full-length and short films, TV movies and series, he has in his portfolio over 100 commercials and music videos.

Igor Savychenko is the founder of “Directory films” company, the executive director of Motion Picture Association of Ukraine, ember of Oscar Committee of Ukraine and the member of the board of the Association of Producers of Ukraine. Igor is firm believer in European development path for the Ukrainian film industry.

He is also producer of Ukrainian Film Formation, that created 2 almanac projects: "Mudaky. Arabesky " and "Ukraine, Goodbye!" . These projects comprised of over 40 short films that were presented at international festivals and won prestigious awards in Locarno, Belgrade and “Kinoshok” IFF.

Current projects:
2013 THE GUIDE, feature film by Oles' Sanin (in production), producer
2013 BROTHERS. THE FINAL CONFESSION, feature film by Viktoria Trofimenko (in production), producer
2014 STEPNE, feature film, full-length debut of Maryna Vroda (in development), producer

Deputy Director of Kinomania, Ukraine

Education: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Institute for International Relations, Master in International economic relations

Since 2001 annually participates in the work of "Molodist" International Film Festival

Since 2003 works in the marketing

In 2008, 2010 and 2012 - Coordinator of the Ukrainian Pavilion at the Film Market of Cannes International Film Festival

Since 2008 - Deputy Director of "Kinomania" (Warner Bros.' Licensee in Ukraine)

Yevgeniya Derbal
Legal Counsellor at FILM.UA Group , Ukraine

For over seven years Yevgeniya Derbal was forming and led the tax practice at the "Konnov & Sozanovsky" Law Firm. In addition to advising clients on tax matters, Yevgeniya was engaged in tax planning, support of tax disputes, M&A transactions, corporate restructuring and media law. Current position at "Konnov & Sozanovsky" Law Firm - Partner.

Experience gained in the law firm is realized at most by Yevgeniya after moving in 2011 to FILM.UA Group. The main task of Yevgeniya is coordination of all legal issues of group, support of co-production projects, working with investors.

Yevgeniya Derbal is a member of the Ukrainian Bar Association and the Ukrainian Attorney Association, and a member of the International Fiscal Association (IFA) and the Network Association Tax Planet as well.

Producer and director, Interfilm Production Studio, Ukraine

 OLENA FETISOVA is Ukrainian based director, scriptwriter and producer. She was born in Kiev to a family of filmmakers, 1964. She graduated from Moscow Film School VGIK, Russia, 1987. Olena wrote, directed and produced a number of films, which were selected and won awards at International Film Festivals worldwide.

In 2009 Olena as producer received Ukrainian State Award for the Best Film for Children.

Since 2009 Olena has been developing, writing, and directing her debut feature film Paradjanov (Ukrainian/French/Georgian/Armenian co-production). The film had its World premiere in the Official Competition at 2013 Karlowy Vary IFF and got the Golden Duke Prize for the best Ukrainian film at 2013 Odessa IFF.


Selected Filmography:

2013 - PARADJANOV, feature film, 95’ (producer/co-director/writer)

2009 - NOT ALONE AT HOME, feature doc, 52’ (producer/director/writer)

2008 – AN AWESOME TALE, feature film, 88’ (producer)

2006 - THERE WAS A WOMAN WHO LIVED IN A SHOE, doc 30’ (producer/director/writer)

2005 – ROOTS, feature doc, 52’ (producer/director/writer)

2005 - IF I WERE A SAXOPHONE, feature doc, 52’ (producer/director/writer)

Executive Director Advisor at The Federal Foundation for Social and Economic Support of the National Cinematography, Russia

More than 20 years in the media industry,   last 13 years in Russia.

From June 2011 till present  - The Federal Foundation for Social and Economic Support of the National Cinematography, Executive Director Advisor.  Area of responsibility:     

- Ensure cooperation with national filmmakers;

- Participation in the Fund's programs in terms of legal regulations;

- Development of educational projects;

- Interaction with public organizations;

- Work towards the protection of intellectual property in the Internet.

Also in the period from 1999 to 2011 worked in positions of executive director of the Television and Film Producers' Association, First Deputy General Director Adviser of   Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Networks  (RTRS), executive secretary of the Non-commercial Partnership of Commercial video Productions.

Member of the Working Group on International Cooperation in the field of protection of intellectual property  in the global network,  Committee on intellectual property at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

"Cinema is an integral part of the culture, so today in many European countries the filmmakers are supported at the state level. Such a practice involves the development and implementation of various programs that promote the development of the domestic film industry, as well as the distribution of movies around the world. In Russia, in early 2010, a new form of filmmakers' support has been adopted implying financing Russian films through the Federal Foundation for Social and Economic Support of the National Cinematography. In our speech we will try to resume the main results of a 2-year Fund Film activity", - says Anna Sharova.    


Michael Schlicht
CEO at Monumental Pictures, Russia

Michael Schlicht was born May 30, 1955 in the German city Ratinov. Graduated from Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Oriental Department of International Relations Faculty (1982).

He worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture of GDR and led the Centre of International Cultural Exchange of GDR.

Since 1991 Michael Schlicht has been working in Russia.

1991 - 1994 - Independent Consultant to German companies in different industries, including film production and distribution.

1993 - 2006 - Director General and Managing Shareholder of "Gemini Film International".
Exclusive distributor of feature films of XX Century Fox CIS and numerous independent films from USA and Russia.

2006 - 2008 - Director General Twentieth Century Fox CIS

Since 2008 -  Director General Sony Pictures Entertainment Russia. 

Since 2011 - CEO at Monumental Pictures.

Monumental Pictures has been created jointly by Sony Pictures Entertainment and Patton Media Group and is producing Russian language feature films mainly for theatrical distribution in Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Michael Schlicht has produced the following films: 'Waiting for a Miracle', 'Lineman', 'Samyy Luchshiy Film-2', 'First Love: It's the Music!', 'Close Enemy', 'Samyy Luchshiy Film 3-DE', 'Vysotskiy. Spasibo, Chto Zhivoy'.

Member of Producers Guild of Russia.