International Conference and Workshop "Film Business: challenges, features, opportunities" 

September 11, 2013, 9:00-14:00, Kiev, Ukraine

The new format of the conference: 

The new format turns the conference into an interactive platform for communication for the market players. The program of the conference includes workshops, where experts and attendees share the experience.

The PROGRAM of the Conference contains 3 main parts:

1. Opening session. Conference Introduction. Reports. Situation in the film market - Ukraine, Russia, Europe.

2. Working SessionWorkshops Several workshops will be running in different sections of the conference area in the same time. The invited experts and the participants will work at the round tables, with the maximum involvement of all participants in each of the Workshops.

3. Final Session. Presentation of the findings, a summary of the conference, plans for the future etc.



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Following the conference, the final document will be prepared, which will be based on the conclusions of the conference, as well as the minutes of the workshops, a brief analysis of successful and unsuccessful projects, experts' advices.